Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Solar Powered Wireless Radiation Monitor

Like the Geiger Kit in the previous post, this project is going to get too big to properly handle in a blog format.

So it's introduced here, but the function and build details are posted on this website.

Listening to what people want in the way of radiation detection, it appeared that there are 3 types of needs:
1.       a portable device that gives instant readings - the classic Geiger Counter
2.       a portable device that logs readings, and maybe location
3.       a stationary monitoring device that is always displaying, and logging readings

I think I’ve covered the first two with the Geiger Kit and the Geiger Logging Shield. So this project is intended to cover the 3rd need - a stationary monitoring device.

The idea is simple – a box outside with a Geiger counter and radio transceiver (solar powered as an option) talking wirelessly to a box inside with a display and an SD card.

the outside piece . . .

the outside piece outside . . .

the inside piece . . .

Again, you can find all the details on this website. However, I'd appreciate any comments you'd like to leave here.